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Iron Six water chloride

Базовая информация

Модель: 10025-77-1

Применение: Органический химический материал

Описание продукта

The basic information

Chinese name: hexahydrate ferric chloride.

English name: Iron (III) chloride hexahydrate

Chinese alias: hexahydrate trichloride;Ferric chloride (6 water);High purity ferric chloride;Ferric chloride (III) hexahydrate;hexahydrate

English alias: Ferric chloride hexahydrate;Iron trichloride hexahydrate;IronchloridehexahydrateACSyellowlump;Iron (III) chloride hydrated.Ferric salts.FeCl3.6 H2O.Iron trichloride (3 +);Ferrous trichloride hexahydrate

CAS no. : 10025-77-1

Molecular formula: H12Cl3FeO6

Molecular weight: 270.2962

Folding edits this section physical data.

Melting point: 37

Boiling point: 280-285.

Fold the main use of this paragraph.

It is widely used in water treatment, organic synthesis catalyst, and used in dyestuff and pharmaceutical industry.

Fold the security information in this section.

Folding risk term

Harmful if swallowed.

R38:Irritating to skin.

R41:Risk of serious damage to the eyes.

Folding safety terminology

S26:In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Please rinse and consult your doctor immediately after contact with eyes.

S39:Wear eye/face protection.

Folding edit this section system number.

CAS no. : 10025-77-1

EINECS no. : 231-729-4

Safety information

Packaging grade: III

Dangerous category: 8

Customs code: 28273300.

Dangerous goods transportation code: UN32608/PG3.

WGKGermany: 1.

Hazard type code: R22;R38;R41

Safety instructions: s26-s39.

RTECS number: NO5425000

Dangerous goods mark: Xn:Harmful.

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